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Toggle navigation. March in Windows. When I connect my machine on the computer PC - windows 10 using Repeater Host, the connection is established but there is no way I can command the machine, even manually : nothing moves. March Host shows connected if you had a serial port. It does not mean it does understand responses whcih can happen if baud rate is wrong. Also make sure to have transfer protocol autodetect or ascii when using marlin. If it is really baud you can simply test with arduino ide serial monitor.

It should show "start" when opening and you can even send commands like M, M If you do not see anything making sense your baud rate might be wrong. With due also make sure to connect to right usb port. Arduino Due has 2 of them and only one works with your setting.

Hello thank you for your help. I checked all you said :. So, I even reinstalled RH … and the problem still occurs. I don't think serial 0 is native port. I think it is the programming port. The fact that you upload using native port does not mean firmware communicates with that port.

Try the other one as I said!

repetier host no start signal detected

Whatever port I use, something is wrong :. It' written "missed line detected" but I do not understand what it means. Communication timeout appears few minutes after the line "resend : 14". Precision : I did not change anything in the code serial port is 0 and baud rate is as set in RH :.

Everything gets greyed, and RH does not respond. After long minutes, "windows looks for a solution" but it does not find any solution. I changed all the hardware … and the trouble is exactly the same with the new hardware.

So, it does not come from hardware. First now it is clear the programming port is the right port. Baud rate was also ok as you can now read responses. Regarding the communication problems that is the question what is going wrong. You might have set the receive cache buffer too high. The wrong line number detected indicates that parts of send data got lost and wrong buffer size leads to this. Alternative activate ping pong mode if nothing else works. It's slower but you have no buffer problems.

Hello Well … there is no difference. I tried cache buffer set at, 63, with ou without Repeatier protocol, Autodetect …etc.

How to use Repetier Host - The Basics and G-Code

And RH does not disconnect normally.Repetier Host doesn't communicate anymore Posted by Gyvven. Last night I had a small problem that snowballed; My extruder stepper wasn't turning, though it was working the day before.

Still no extruder. Now here's where the fun begins; I decided I would try swapping out the stepper driver with a spare I had lying around. I plugged it in Went from DRV to A and forgot that the pot is on the other end.

After powering up and not getting any extruder action I noticed my error and tried another stepper driver. However, my RH stopped talking to the control board.

Repetier Host doesn't communicate anymore

By that I mean it would connect but it says "1 Command Waiting" and nothing else will work. Thinking I really screwed the works, I swapped out the Arduino, loaded the firmware I've been using for the last several months, fired it up and still got the same message. Same thing. I swapped USB ports, nothing changed. I had a brief glimmer of hope, I plugged into the board on my latest build which isn't finished being wired and RH connected and said "Idle" and gave extruder and bed temps.

I moved the whole works over to my other machine, plugged in the same USB cable I went into the Printer settings and tried disabling the Reset on Connect.

repetier host no start signal detected

I uninstalled, including the registry, and re-installed RH. I've swapped and reloaded firmware on 4 different arduinos, tried combinations of old RAMPS boards on new arduinos, vice versa, and in all cases I get "1 Command Waiting". I'm a bit baffled by what's going on here. Any ideas? I'm using RH 1. Thanks, Gyv Reply Quote. I forgot to mention, in one of my many attempts, it did actually connect but only for a few seconds before disconnecting.

I didn't see any error codes in the log, that I recall. Reply Quote. It worked I was able to home once, then I homed Z and the endstop LED didn't light up, and kept driving the hot end down, so I hit emergency stop. I powered cycled everything, again. The Z endstop LED comes on again, but the printer won't connect.

Back to where I started. With Reset on Connect disabled I get: This has been very frustrating. I don't want to bash Repetier for their work, but I've been having some real connection problems with the host lately, with the same settings I used for months, no, years.

It seems sporadic and you never know when it's going to happen. I've used Repetier for almost 3 years now without any problems and all of a sudden, as soon as I update to the latest build, this happens.So if Repetier-Server is connected to the printer, you can not connect Repetier-Host directly to the printer.

In this case you have to connect Repetier-Host to Repetier-Server, what gives you the most advantages, or you can deactivate the printer in Repetier-Server:. This gives you a lot of advantages:. The easiest way to set up a new printer is to upload an existing config file. Go to and click on Upload Printer Configuration.

Enter a printer name, select the configuration file and click Create Printer. Maybe you must select the COM port. Another very simple way to add a new printer is our Configuration Wizard. Step 1: Naming In the first step you just have to enter the printer name and click Continue with Step 2.

The boud rate can be set to autodetect, which will test the typical rates. In case autodetect fails, you have to set it yourself. To speed up communication, the server sends as many commands as possible in a row. To prevent data loss, it is essential to know how many bytes the firmware can store, before the firmware buffer overflows.

All known firmwares support at least 63 bytes. AVR based firmwares normally support bytes. Click Continue with Step 3 to connect the printer. The configuration wizard now tries to read as many data as possible from the firmware. Whatever it detects gets set to the detected values. In the following detected values are marked with grene circles. Step 3: Geometry Here you can set the dimensions and bed shape of your printer. Then click Continue with Step 4. Step 4: Extruders and bed Set the number of extruders and the filament diameter.

Typical filament diameters are 1,75 mm and 2,85 mm. Then click Continue with Step 5. Step 5: Features Check if you have installed a fan, a sd card reader and if you can enable main power with software command.

Then click Finizsh Wizard. Here you can set all printer related parameter. So it is a good idea, to check these settings once your printer works. The settings are split into several categories to make navigation easier. To save the changed settings, press Save Configuration. If you leave settings without saving, you will get a security question to prevent accidential data loss. For parameters which may be difficult to understand you get a popover with detailed information when you click on the text field.

To calculate exact printing times, you should run the Heatup and Cooldown Wizard. This feature measures heating and cooling speed needed for accurate printing time prediction.

Now you can select your printer from the printer list and the click Copy Server Config Settings. If you disconnect your printer in Repetier-Host, the printer will still be connected to Repetier-Server.

When the printer is connected you can slice and print regulary you can close Repetier-Host once the print job has started without stopping printingbut you also have the opportunity to upload the G-Code to Repetier-Server, to use it again and to get rendered preview images.Anmelden Ein neues Profil erzeugen.

Erweiterte Suche. Verbindung mit Repetier Host - No start signal detected geschrieben von Axel.

No start-signal detected - forcing start

Das geht doch oder? Falls ihr noch irgendwelche infos braucht stell ich die gerne hier rein. Wenn ja, wie? Antworten Zitieren. Greift evtl. Nicht das Repetier-Server o. Avira hab ich auch schon deaktiviert. Quote Benutze ein normales Handy-Ladekabel Das geht doch oder. Und ein Kumpel hat auch ein normales Ladekabel benutzt, bei ihm war zwar beim Arduino eins dabei, das war ihm aber zu kurz.

Wenn da evtl. Nico: Warum sollte ein Ladekabel nicht funktionieren? Oder ist das ein anderes USB? Hab sie trotzdem mal deinstalliert, hat nichts gebracht. Hab jetzt nochmal 2 Kabel ausprobiert, haben auch nicht funktioniert. Das ist meine praktische Erfahrung mit "Ladekabeln". Naja, ich kann mir schon vorstellen dass manche Kabel nicht funktionieren, aber ich hab 5 probiert, von billig bis teuer, kurz, lang, alles Hoffe einfach es liegt daran, ansonsten bestelle ich mir mal einen billigen DUE Clone und gucke ob das funktioniert.

Und die Firewall blockiert definitiv nix? Also, ich hab jetzt gestern Abend nochmal einen letzten Versuch gestartet. Alles wieder installiert, hochgeladen, und siehe da Obwohl die neue Software "eigentlich" eine komplette Kopie der alten ist.

Druckansicht RSS. Klicke hier, um Dich einzuloggen.Here you find detailed information how to connect Repetier-Host via Repetier-Server to the printer, which is recommendet. One frequent problem at the beginning are problems with connecting to the printer. You should be aware of the three stages of the connection and first find out, at which stage your problem occurs.

Most boards have in reality two connections between the firmware and the pc.

no start signal detected - forcing start

The first one is the usb cable from your computer to the usb-serial converter on your board and the second is the serial connection between converter and processor. The baud rate has only an effect on the short path between the two chips. Nevertheless I had boards that worked error free with one baud rate and had every now and then errors with other speed settings.

So if you experience errors during print, which are normally caught by the host, you should try to find a more reliable speed, since every error could go undetected or end in a not recoverable error. The other thing that often makes problems are usb cable.

No Start Signal Detected - Forcing Start

You should use shielded cable ferrit core, also this is no guarantee. In my collection of usb cable I have a 3m double shielded usb cable with gold contacts and as soon as I use it I get errors every lines or so. Using a cheaper 5m cable on the same printer makes the connection error free. In some cases I even had a hang off the usb stack it self making the host stall. Only unpowering the printer completely allowed to get communication going again.

These are problems, where the host has no influence on. This requires OpenGL 1. Besides being slow it is unstable and does not work very stable. Often it helps to set graphic driver to full performance as shown in this video.

repetier host no start signal detected

If you have a switchable graphics, select Repetier-Host to work with maximum performance in app. Right mouse on the desktop, open switchable graphics, search repetier.Toggle navigation. February in Windows. Using Repetier-Host V 1. The X-Axis stepper motor didn't appear to move at all during test printing everything else did. I decided to swap stepper controllers on the Ramps 1. Unfortunately, I did this with the power on and fried the Arduino and possibly other stuff.

So, I ordered a new ArduinoRamps 1. I have no way to know if the Arduino is flashed or not.

When the computer connects there is an instantaneous bump in all of the stepper motors I assume just a power surge. It will not do anything else except repeat the Communication Timeout message. I set COM40 as the com to avoid conflicts with the other ones. The Baud Rate is At this point I cannot go any further. February Host shows connected simply because it connected to a com port available. This does not mean there is communication or communication with right baud rate.

In both cases you see behaviour you describe. Check in windows device manager what com port has been allocated to the arduino when you installed the driver, then set the same com port and baud rate in RH. Ok, so Arduino went through the verify process without error using the Marlin files from github.

Then it uploaded without error. Instructions say to set Baud Rate at in printer settings. Windows 7 only goes up to bits per second. I set both at but it still has same errors. Any checks I can do? Ignore what windows says. We are not using that setting.Matt Le Tissier, Paul Merson, Phil Thompson and Charlie Nicholas rate the top six after 10 matches. Charlie Nicholas predicts what will happen in the Champions League games involving Tottenham, Liverpool and Man City.

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repetier host no start signal detected

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